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Old Hanoi through ancient streets

Hanoi people still proud of the old streets, where send memories, old memory nostalgia in the middle of the city is changing so fast.



Where mossy little bit quietly hidden in the middle of the niche


The old style of Hanoi is emerging from the small winding alleyways. There, the sun rarely comes to light, the people are busier, intermingled daily and the collective houses are tired, tinged with time. In the midst of the land is changing rapidly, the image of the old town as a bit old, distant past is filtered still deposited. The people of the capital are always proud to remind us of the roads that nostalgia. From my little time, sometimes my mother to play in Hanoi, I have feelings for this land. Until now, when I was attached to this place, I always wanted to go around the corner to save the pictures, beautiful moments of Hanoi through the camera.