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Experience travel Van Phuc silk village 2018

Van Phuc Silk Village (also known as Ha Dong Silk Village) is located in Van Phuc Ward, Ha Dong District, 10 km far from Hanoi center, next to the Nhue River. Van Phuc is the most beautiful and famous silk weaving village in Vietnam. Although the urbanization process is becoming more visible, Van Phuc silk village still retains the typical features of Vietnam's countryside: ancient trees, wells and afternoon markets in Dinh.



Van Phuc silk has been there thousands of years ago, in the Nguyen Dynasty from King Khai Dinh to Bao Dai King used Van Phuc silk to sew the national court.

In 1931 Van Phuc silk was introduced to the international market at Marseille Fair and was regarded by the French as the most sophisticated product of Indochina. In 1958, Van Phuc silk was exported to Eastern Europe. Preferred and so far has gone through many countries around the world.

It is so famous that the poet Nguyen Sa wrote verses to praise:

"Sunny Saigon that he suddenly cool

Because I dressed in Ha Dong silk

I still love him deeply colored shirt

Your poems are still white silk. "

In 2007, Ha Huynh's Ha Dong Silk film was released, which won awards at several prestigious film festivals in Asia.



In 2007, Ha Huynh's Ha Dong Silk film was released, which won awards at several prestigious film festivals in Asia.
Van Phuc silk has a variety of designs, about 70 types, silk, brocade, with many different names such as: flower, long phoenix, flying clouds, cinnamon, sa slipper, slippery, life style ... There are four types of flowers: animals, plants, objects, graphics. Animals exhibit the four gods, two long, long phoenix, long phoenix, long, hydrangea, phoenix in the cloud, phoenix book, turtle pouch letter, song, moon. Plants include: chrysanthemum, bamboo shoots, apricots, apricots, lemons, roses. Items: letter, money, flower basket, antique, lantern. Painting: rhinestones, seals, vases, crowns, squares. All shapes and patterns on the Van Phuc silk are rich imagination, hands of talented artisans woven into unique products, showing creativity delicate, rich aesthetic.


This is one of the few ancient textile workshops of the village, if you visit the village of Van Phuc silk you should visit the introduction area of silk weaving process, it is located at the gate of the village to admire.

In addition to exploring the silk weaving process, you can easily choose silk products from the showroom and sell products.



One of the most famous and famous addresses is the silk weaving workshop of artist Trieu Van Mao, the Van Xuan silk shop.

Or visit the Van Phuc silk market, where you can spoil choice of products like the most.


Foreign visitors are also very interested in these products. If visitors come to the festival, tourists can participate in traditional festivals, folk games, learn the customs of the village people. This is an opportunity for international friends to know about the traditional, understand more about people, promote the image of Vietnam in the international arena.



Ha Dong silk is also used to make national dress, the ao dai Vietnam honors the gentle, graceful and elegant.